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Selected Quotes from Music Industry Professionals: Most were received at West Coast
Songwriters conferences and song screenings.

“You're a great songwriter and you have a naturally beautiful voice.”
         Renee Richardson, KFOG deejay

“You’re better than most writers at song structure.”
         Steven Melrose, Vice President of A & R at Virgin Records

“This song moved me. I'm a working woman.”
         Cindy Wilt, formerly of Word Entertainment, in response to “Working” on Night Ship

“It gave me chills.”
         Carla DeSantis, former Editor in Chief of ROCKRGRL Magazine, in response to “You Will Find Me” on Night Ship

“These are the most intelligent lyrics I've heard in a long time.”
         Peter Jansson, President and CEO of Janssongs, Inc., in response to “Working” on Night Ship

“This is an example of really good songwriting.”
         Rex Benson of Rex Benson Music, in response to “I Don't Want to Tell You” on Night Ship

“Very pretty melody and an unusual subject. Well done.”
         Mark Cawley, cofounder of songjourney.com, in response to “Other Ways to Fight” on Night Ship

“Thank you for playing this song. There's some really great songwriting in it.”
         Brian Rawlings, former Vice President of Music Publishing at Disney, in response to “Fade to Black” on Night Ship

“I'm a fan of Rebecca's music.”
         Scott Haugen of Pitchfork Music

“Your songs are good. Few songs have real lyrics anymore.”
         George Horn, Chief Mastering Engineer at Fantasy Studios, in response to the Messiah Refugee CD

“You have all the ingredients. You’re a great singer, songwriter, and piano player.”
         Robert Berry, Grammy-nominated artist and Messiah Refugee CD producer

Kay Harrison worked at The Howard King Agency as assistant to Howard King during the 1960s. She was in charge of choosing which acts to book and coordinating publicity. The agency worked with Stan Zucker Management, which managed rock and jazz artists, the most famous of which was Roy Orbison. Now retired, she wrote the following letter to my mother-in-law after listening to the Messiah Refugee CD:

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to listen to and to experience Rebecca Parks' Messiah Refugee work.

What an extremely talented artist Rebecca is. The music and the arrangements are really outstanding, and yes, the lyrics have a focus and a cause, but even without listening to the words, the music itself is very soothing and uplifting, and her talent and love for what she does really rings true.

When I hear work like this, it makes me wish I were still involved in the music business enough to be able to pass this along to someone who could really run with it—but, most of the people I worked with back in the 60's are either retired or are no longer with us. It's a tough business.

I hope Rebecca will keep on producing, writing and recording. It is such a pleasure to be able to listen to music that makes sense and is so easy to listen to.

I really can't say enough great things about this work. I really, really enjoyed it.

Warmest regards,


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